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The advantages of virtual office

Today, it is not necessary to have your own office space. It is possible to move in finished office, fully equipped with office equipment, Internet access and receptionist and other staff. These offices can be rented for a short time period, usually for a week, but you can rent a room even for one day. The average rent for one person workplace in this office is much higher than rents in modern office buildings. However, such offers are very attractive for wealthy companies, when the type of activity requires representative office presence rarely, for example for marketing campaign. But there are a few companies on the market providing such services and the prices are rather high.

There is another approach to office arrangement - the so-called mobile or virtual office. Companies providing virtual office services ensure the client-company with multichannel direct phone number and mail address, which can be indicated on business cards and advertisements. Company secretary receives e-mail, post correspondence and phone calls addressed to client-company on behalf of this company. Virtual office employees work everyone at home, communicating with each other via e-mail or live chats. Employees may contact secretary on various tasks, for example call the customers, send a fax, book tickets, rent a meeting room, send a courier, etc.). Prospects of such a virtual office arrangement are not yet entirely clear. There are obvious advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of such approach include: cost savings on office space maintenance and saving employees' time on the road to job place. The main drawback of virtual office is that it excludes or substantially limits realization of employees needs in informal communication. Experts believe that this lack is significant.

According to psychologists, informal communication is a prerequisite for normal development of any organization. Recently virtual office phenomenon is becoming increasingly popular. This term includes a complex of office services that helps to organize a full-featured office that is not attached to company physically. A list of services includes business address of organization for post correspondence, virtual phone and fax number to receive incoming calls. In addition, secretary services may be also provided. It is available to rent meeting rooms as well as web hosting services. Virtual office is a reliable assistant in business. When company acquires virtual office it gets cheap and effective opportunity to establish contact with clients, improve company’s image by creating prestigious address. Different proposals that meet the most varied demands are presented on the market of office real estate today: from the classical to exotic temporary and virtual office. Office rent in major cities is one of the most attractive investment segments of the commercial real estate.

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