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The scheme of the process of project development depends on the type of object its complexity and detailing level. Typically, projects of residential, public and industrial buildings are developed in two stages (the "Project" and "Construction documentation"). In this case, a technical project (stage "Project") developed first of all, then the developers proceed to the stage of working construction documents creation. In addition, the development of project documentation for highly complex objects requires the development of "pre-proposal". If the construction object is small and simple, the design is carried out in a single step: the development of the technical design and development of the working drawings occurs at one time.

The costs of building construction may be reduced greatly due to a well-organized process. In case of total compliance with all the construction technologies, you will ensure the most efficient use of resources and higher profits. A quick and competent construction depends on a qualitative project development and accurate assessment of the estimated costs. Typically, the process of a building project development takes from one to three months. Evaluation of the estimated cost in 5-7 days. It is very important to involve clients at this stage of construction in order to make everything according to their requirements and need.

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